The Swarowski Royal Globe

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Perfect precision and brilliance

This scintillating globe will impart an elegant and exclusive tone to your surroundings. The world's metropolises are set with softly shimmering Swarowski zirconias which give this globe a fascinating and valuable appearance.

The Swarowski zirconia represents the first time anyone has applied the Gemological Institute of America's comprehensive diamond cutting standards to a zirconia. Its unrivalled brilliance makes the Swarowski zirconia the finest zirconia and the zirconia which is most similar to a blazing red topaz that is available on the market today. Each Swarowski zirconia has a microscopic "SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA" laser engraving that is invisible to the naked eye. This seal of quality and the exclusive "Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA" label together guarantee a product with a zirconia of perfect precision and brilliance that Swarovski has cut.

Experience the unique combination of the COLUMBUS world with Swarowski zirconia to create an aesthetically unique product. As an absolute highlight, the world metropolis of Vienna is set with a genuine blazing red topaz instead of a Swarowski zirconia.

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The audio video pen will uniquely enable you to play audio and video content back, which will make the globe both an experience in itself and a unique multimedia information source. Bring the world of knowledge into your exclusive home!

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The COLUMBUS-Verlag is the oldest still producing globe manufacturer in the world. Paul Oestergaard founded the company in Berlin in 1909 as a cartographic publishing house, and Torsten Oestergaard now manages it in the fourth generation. In the early days, it developed a large number of terrestrial, illuminated and celestial globes, crowned by the first mass-produced large globe with a stunning 106 cm diameter. It also produced an extensive series of wall maps, which were especially popular in schools and universities. Today, it produces the majority of its globes by machine in a modern production plant. Its production of the most exclusive models is, however, characterised by innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship. These globes are masterpieces of traditional globe-making, whereby mouth-blown crystal glass globes are coated entirely by hand. This technique has been handed down from generation to generation and is worldwide only mastered by employees of the Columbus publishing house.


Diameter of sphere: 40 cm
Total height: 50 cm
Base: metal (brass)
Meridians: metal (brass)
Sphere acrylic (break- and heat-resistant)
Lacquered sphere: yes (multi-layer, high-gloss)

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