The illuminated
Bible of Mercy

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154 original manuscripts from more than 40 libraries. A masterpiece of bookbinding craftsmanship. A strictly limited edition of the illuminated Bible of Mercy appeared in December 2016. Each volume has a handwritten limitation number and comes in a luxury case to protect its precious binding.

More than 350 full-page pictures, most of which are decorated with gold leaf, illustrate the text. These magnificent, distinctively reproduced, miniature pages were copied from 154 different manuscripts in more than 40 libraries worldwide and provide an insight into eight centuries of European art history.

The most important libraries in the world opened their archives to us and made manuscript masterpieces from the Middle Ages available for this project: the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, the Universitätsbibliothek in Heidelberg and the great libraries in Berlin - to mention a few of the most important institutions in the German-speaking world.

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Other important libraries, such as the British Library in London, the Morgan Library in New York, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris and, above all, the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana with its priceless collections, are represented in this bible through their manuscripts.

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The details

34 x 24 cm

1.024 pages

Number of copies:

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The Bible Of Mercy is a masterpiece of bookbinding craftsmanship

It contains the complete text of the Bible (Old and New Testaments) with 1,024 pages measuring 34 x 24 cm on the finest volume paper in high-end facsimile printing with gold print and leaf and a patina.

It is illuminated with 356 miniatures copied with facsimile quality from manuscripts from eight centuries (270 with gold leaf) and 571 ornaments - a total of more than 920 illustrations from 154 different manuscripts. It also has tooled gilt edging: each book in the Bible has its own margin decoration which also serves as both an orientation aid and an adornment.

Its real leather binding with real gold-plated clasps and fittings and a real gold-plated cross with a ruby on the front cover is impressive. It also contains a family tree to fill in at the end, which makes it a unique family possession that can be passed down through generations.


A personal presentation to Pope Francis in Rome

Pope Francis has personally signed the Bible of Mercy's foreword. Charlotte Kramer, publisher at Müller & Schindler, and Michael Kriegler, managing director of DOMI exclusiv, had the privilege of personally presenting the first copy of the strictly limited edition of the illuminated Bible of Mercy to Pope Francis during an audience with him.

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The Pope had already supported the luxury Bible when it was created. He not only wrote a very personal foreword himself, but also chose the children's hospital in Africa to which we are donating part of the proceeds.

Michael Kriegler, managing director of DOMI exclusiv,  said: ‚I am very grateful to Pope Francis for the trust he has placed in us and for his help in creating this unique edition.‘

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