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Art as you have never seen it before!

Access, preserve, protect and make accessible cultural heritage and art. Conservation and restoration in digital technology, good visibility from a long distance.

Every painting is unique, one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable – not only because it is the result of a specific historical and artistic period outside of which it could not have been created, but also and above all because it is inseparably linked to its creator, their personal life story and style.

Tradition meets innovation!

Gigapixel and 3D Mapping:

New ultra-high definition recording technology – unique quality and detail capture. Even details invisible to the naked eye suddenly become visible. 3-D mapping reveals physical features (brushstrokes, paint application, cracks, surface structure).

Preservation, promotion, research, conservation inventory, virtual exhibitions, detailed images as additional information for exhibitions, reproductions, teaching and research, monitoring the conservation condition of a work of art, reconstructing lost painting information or the history of the painting’s creation through layer photography, bringing together important collections that are scattered throughout the world.

Pictures, frescos, books, sculptures, maps

Equipment: FlyByO – specially developed by Halta to capture images up to 4 square metres without physical or chemical contact with the original. The data can be enlarged up to 40 times without loss of quality. Light system: UVCUT filters protect the originals.

Data can be used for all online activities (web, social media channels...), publications, exhibitions and image data platforms, decorations and multimedia projections. Advertising and marketing activities of any kind, art installations and projections.

Haltadefinizione is a brand of Franco Cosimo Panini Editore founded in 2004 and integrated into Panini in 2017. Development of special equipment and software, Gigapixel. Close collaboration with cultural institutions, largest image database online. 2019 agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities for the parameters for licensing.  3D imaging and 3D printing.

A multidisciplinary team of experts in technical and scientific fields serves art in conjunction with new technologies.