Customer information about DOMI exklusiv / Müller & Schindler / Faksimile Verlag

DOMI exclusiv GmbH was founded in 2013 and offers premium art and knowledge products on the basis of exclusive partnerships with renowned publishers of facsimile and knowledge products in Austria and Germany.

Our management and a lot of the self-employed sales representatives who work for us have many years’ experience in distributing art and educational products and have previously worked for well-known companies in this segment. After inmediaONE GmbH (a Bertelsmann subsidiary) discontinued its direct sales business, there was a gap in the range of premium facsimile and knowledge products on the German and Austrian markets.

We offer, together with our producers, the Müller & Schindler and Faksimile Verlag GmbH publishing houses, a premium range of products to customers who love books and art. Müller & Schindler has been known for over 50 years for broad-ranging, premium publishing productions - including the Merian Bible of 1630, the Mercator Atlas, Braun & Hogenberg's city views, the Alexander Romance and the St Albans Psalter. Faksimile Verlag bought inmediaONE GmbH's facsimile business in 2017 and now also produces premium facsimiles.

We have, together with our partners, also decided to continue the tradition of producing multi-volume book series of the highest quality. In addition to a premium finish with goat leather, gilt edges, etc., we focus on unique contents with outstanding image/text combinations, which are a logical addition to many book series. We have professionally prepared and lavishly illustrated book series on topics like the UNESCO World Heritage.

Facsimiles published by Müller & Schindler and Faksimile Verlag used to be distributed via other companies, e.g. inmediaONE GmbH, in the German market. Today, titles published by Faksimile Verlag and Müller & Schindler are available on the German and Austrian market at DOMI exclusiv.

We are committed to providing our customers with full and transparent information about our products and their manufacturers. At the same time, we wish to inform our customers about some inaccurate statements by competitors that are circulating on the market with regard to DOMI exclusiv, Müller & Schindler and Faksimile Verlag and to correct them. Independent sales representatives who work for us do so exclusively for us and not for any former or existing competitors in the field of sales of art or educational products. This is to ensure that we continue to supply our customers with premium art and educational products that have the consistently high quality that they have known and appreciated for many years from Müller & Schindler and Faksimile Verlag.