Customer information about educational and knowledge products

The importance of education and knowledge today
In an age in which constant change, permanent innovation and unrestricted mobility are the defining forces of society, every new day proves that we need education and tested knowledge in order to exist as self-determined and self-responsible individuals. We now have access to more information than ever before, but only its evaluation enables us to judge and classify events and developments appropriately.

Education and knowledge products
Whether at home, at work or in our leisure time, we need a trustworthy, independent and sustainable knowledge partner at our side to help us deal with the modern challenges safely, successfully and enthusiastically. Our unique range of education and knowledge products meets this need. As well as combining rated and tested information, the nature of our products' cross-media presentation and visual design offer a comprehensible way to access the world of knowledge.

Their precious materials and the premium workmanship that goes into them form an appropriate framework in which to present their content and to make them a visual and haptic pleasure.

Thematic series
A good education is indispensable for mastering the challenges of everyday life. Knowledge gained from the past contributes greatly to a better understanding of the present and the future. Thematic series meet this need.

Multimedia products
The digitalisation of everyday life also changes the way we use media. We increasingly communicate, learn and inform ourselves with the help of computers. Our multimedia products offer a comprehensive and reliable knowledge platform in an increasingly complex media world.

Like every print or digital product on the market, our products derive their value from their individual usefulness. They serve the purposes of education and knowledge transfer as well as supporting and enriching daily life. They are not suitable for investments, such as gold and shares. We therefore expressly disclaim any guarantee that our facsimiles will retain their value or will increase in value, even in connection with a collection.

Your purchase of the product and any associated expansion of a collection should not be for the purpose of reselling a collection or individual editions from Müller & Schindler, DOMI exclusiv and/or Faksimile Verlag. Neither DOMI exclusiv GmbH nor any of its sales representatives makes any assurances in this regard.
We expressly disclaim any connection between DOMI exclusiv GmbH and competitors such as InmediaONE GmbH, Gütersloh or other facsimile distributors such as CORON Exclusiv.