DOMI is a company founded in 2013 that distributes high-quality art and knowledge products based on exclusive partnerships with Müller and Schindler Publishing and the Facsimile Verlag in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The distribution is carried out through independent sales representatives who present DOMI's products to customers during home visits. Independent sales representatives must introduce themselves by name and provide identification upon customer request.

Since 2013, DOMI has had a distribution guide, which was supplemented by a Code of Conduct in 2017. These regulations set out DOMI's values and provide comprehensive guidelines for distribution. This value system is regularly taught during training sessions for sales representatives. The existing compliance department continuously checks compliance with distribution guidelines through telephone calls and personal conversations with customers.

The distribution guide prohibits any misleading or unprofessional behavior towards customers. For example, statements regarding value appreciation, preservation of value, and resale opportunities at or above the purchase price are strictly prohibited. Any other aggressive, misleading, or unfair sales practices are also strictly rejected. DOMI's goal is to have satisfied customers who enjoy purchasing and recommending DOMI's products. Independent sales representatives fully acknowledge the binding nature of these guidelines in the course of their independent work for DOMI.

If, nevertheless, violations occur by independent sales representatives, individual follow-up training by the compliance officer, as well as consequences such as a warning or, in severe cases, termination of the sales representative contract with the affected independent sales representative, are provided for. In the event of complaints, DOMI will contact the customer as soon as possible, investigate the matter, and make decisions regarding the customer and, if necessary, also towards the independent sales representative. If it appears sensible in individual cases, DOMI will have a personal conversation with the customer to clarify the matter.